Complete Baby Kit

Gifts for Kids - Complete Baby Kit
A complete baby care kit contains most of the essentials that you need to keep your baby well. A perfect gift for new parents and newborn babies. This high quality safe, perfect and compact kit will be the most useful tools.

Kids Foot Measure Gauge

Home & Office - Kids Foot Measure Gauge
This small utility tool will help in choosing suitable shoes for your kids. This can be a perfect and rare gift item for new parents or kids. This will be a must-have item in every home and you will never go wrong in buying the right size footwear. Gift this to your kids, brother or sisters

Windshield Tablet Cleaner

DIY & Crafty Gifts - Windshield Tablet Cleaner
Perfect gift for a car lover. This little tablet will make wonders and keep your windshield glass crystal clear. Now clean your car windshield just spraying the liquid and running the wiper blade a couple of times. This also lubricates the glass and reduces the friction between the wiper blade and the glass, thus giving full protection for glass surface and also extends wiper blade service life.

Rhinestone Sea Horse

Birthday Gifts - Rhinestone Sea Horse
A unique and rare Collar brooch that you can gift someone special. These can be worn for any special occasions, parties or some special events. Pin this up and let the eyes fall for it.

Alladin Chirag Lamp

Home & Office - Alladin Chirag Lamp
The world famous Aladdin Lamp adds quality craftsmanship, exquisite decor options, and old fashioned practicality to your home or a perfect and rare gift for someone special. A best decorative item and a perfect gift for your friends or someone who collects the vintage items.

Grocery Bag Holder

Smart Kitchen - Grocery Bag Holder
Do you often have to go shopping and end up buying a lot of things in a bag? I know it will leave your hands tired, especially thin plastic bag handle will handle untidy looking very painful. Here is the portable hand-held hanging ring would not have such troubles. This product is a new and practical tool for the family daily, shopping can bag and linked to ease the load on the hand. A perfect gift for someone who shops a lot

Lazy Spectacle

Gifts for Geeks - Lazy Spectacle
This amazing and creative bed prism spectacle will bring down the stress on your eyes while you read something when you are on lying on the bed. You can watch videos or read a book without lifting your head. A perfect gift for your brother or sister who always wants to end their day by reading the novels and comics.

Digital Spoon

Smart Kitchen - Digital Spoon
Do you love precision and accuracy and want to season the food by adding accurate measures of contents, then this is a must have kitchen tool for you? This high precision digital spoon can measure the seasoning weights, such as salt, sugar, baking powder, starch etc, which will keep your food tasty and. This will be a perfect gift for your mom or someone who loves cooking and smart kitchen tools.

4 in 1 Memory Card Reader

Electronic & Tech - 4 in 1 Memory Card Reader
Here is the mother of all SD card readers, literally, it can be used with any device as it has four different ports for Lightening, USB-A, USB-C and Micro USB adapters. Transferring files, photos and information from one device to the other. Gift this useful device to anyone who needs to transfer information from one device to another. It is a great gift for office or home.

Ancient Wooden Game

Toys & Games - Ancient Wooden Game
Enjoy this ancient game and learn the value of sowing seeds and keeping them safe in a store for the next sowing season. This is a much-loved game in many parts of India and it is now available to you. This strategy and logic game are made of wood. Gift this game to your parents, grandparents, friends, colleagues or anyone who loves strategy games.