Girl Pushing Cart

Anniversary Gifts - Girl Pushing Cart
Bring in a cute gardener into your home. One that will bring a cart full of plants and flowers with her. Add this pretty little planter to your balcony garden or your tabletop and bring in a little colour and some nature into your space. This planter with its cute smiling gardener is a suitable gift for a birthday, anniversary, grih pravesh and housewarming.

Tablet Stand for any Surface

Anniversary Gifts - Tablet Stand for any Surface
No this is not some weird creature from the outer space and neither is it a four-legged spider, this is a tablet stand that will get rid of all that weight that your wrist have to carry when using a tablet. This one of a kind stand keeps your tablet or iPad steady on any surface even rough places. Gift it to an avid tablet user and save them wrist ache.

Serving Platter Tray

Anniversary Gifts - Serving Platter Tray
Here is one for the card session. Next time you organize a card party, use this attractive and unusual serving bowl to serve snacks and dips. The playing card pattern on the serving platter will be completely in sync with the occasion. This is a fin gift for Diwali, Christmas, Birthdays or even party favours.

Personalized Photo Collage

Anniversary Gifts - Personalized Photo Collage
How about a gift that is so creative and unique that you will need a magnifying glass to really appreciate its craft. Gift someone a picture mosaic created out of hundreds of tiny images to create a larger picture or a portrait. Each mosaic is unique and customized to the photograph you send.

3D Couple Molding

Anniversary Gifts - 3D Couple Molding
Cash in on the latest trend of creating a cast of the hand and feet for keepsakes. This kit lets you cast a perfect replica of the limb fine lines and all to cast into a statue. Gift this kit to preserve the memories of a special occasion. It is an ideal engagement, Valentines or wedding gift.

Beer Wine Glass Combo

Anniversary Gifts - Beer Wine Glass Combo
Raise a glass to individuality. Being a couple should not mean being a carbon copy of each other. Celebrate your personalities with this 1st anniversary special set of a wine glass and beer mug that come with two attractive coasters. Gift it to a great couple who is celebrating the first year of togetherness.

3D Molding Casting Kit

Anniversary Gifts - 3D Molding Casting Kit
Preserve your sweet memories forever by creating a cast of hand or feet. This useful kit contains all you will need to create a mould and a cast of the limb. Paint it and keep it as a memoir of a special moment or time. Gift this kit to a newlywed couple, for a 50the Anniversary, or to a new mother to capture and keep memories for posterity.

Waterfall Curtain Lights

Anniversary Gifts - Waterfall Curtain Lights
This festive season light up your house in a completely new way. Cover it with curtain lights that tumble down from top to bottom and create a light curtain effect that is very attractive. These LED lights take up very little power to light up an entire wall. These fairy lights are great as a gift for festivals like Diwali or Christmas, they can also be used for any festive occasion including weddings and parties.

Wooden Table Lamp

Anniversary Gifts - Wooden Table Lamp
The lighting in any room can make a world of difference to its ambience, mood and décor. Turn down the overhead lights and create a moody effect with some diffused light. Turn on this striking wooden lamp and create the perfect mood for the evening. Not only does it cast its golden light in the room, but it also makes a lovely gift for any occasion.

Personalized Couple Lamp

Anniversary Gifts - Personalized Couple Lamp
Gift this to a couple who love the funky stuff. The woodcut lamp can be personalized with any name and alphabet for a customized gift for a special couple. The LED lamp can be placed on the floor or the table. It can also be mounted on the wall for a greater impact. Just turn it on to watch the names and alphabets come alive only for you.