Rhinestone Sea Horse

Rhinestone Sea Horse
A unique and rare Collar brooch that you can gift someone special. These can be worn for any special occasions, parties or some special events. Pin this up and let the eyes fall for it.

Fruit Infuser Bottle

Birthday Gifts - Fruit Infuser Bottle
Hydrate yourself in the most delicious way. This fruit infuser bottle makes it easy to infuse your water with delicious fruits of your choice. It is a great accessory to take to the gym, office or even on a shopping trip around town. It is a great way to get children to drink water. Never again be thirsty and drink water the tasty way. Gift this infuser bottle to anyone who needs to keep hydrated.

USB Air Purifier

Birthday Gifts - USB Air Purifier
This winter, keep your skin and body from drying out. Use this mini humidifier to add moisture to the air to make the room more comfortable. This little humidifier is a useful and versatile gift. It can also be used for aromatherapy and to relieve symptoms of flu. The little sunflower humidifier adds a bit of cheer to any room.

Peacock Beer Mug

Birthday Gifts - Peacock Beer Mug
If you have received this mug as a gift, you know that the person who has gifted it believes you are unique and deserve a beer mug that is a piece of art. This stunning mug will sit just as well on your living room shelf as it will in your hands full to the brim with your favourite brew.

Brass Chess Set

Birthday Gifts - Brass Chess Set
Nothing spells more elitist than a set of beautifully crafted chess boards and pawns. Take your snob value up a few notches with this ultimate Chess set with its brass pawns designed to resemble the Greek Army. So, become the great Greek General and conquer the world, but before you do that, gift this elegant chess set to another chess player.

Blooming Flower Green Tea

Birthday Gifts - Blooming Flower Green Tea
There is green tea and then there is this. The blooming flower tea is an aesthetic experience that enhances the benefits of drinking green team many times over with its exquisite presentation. Just place a ball into a cup, pour warm water over it and watch the magic happen. Gift it to someone who loves drama and novelty.

Bullock Cart Coaster Set

Birthday Gifts - Bullock Cart Coaster Set
Take a ride with the nomads of Rajasthan, live their life that is full of adventure and travelling to new places. Bring home this cart full of coasters and get transported into a world of bullock carts, dusty roads and exotic places. Gift this lovely wooden coaster set to someone you would want to share your travels with.

HD Designer Laptop Skin

Birthday Gifts - HD Designer Laptop Skin
Give your boring laptop cover a splash of colour and some divine romance with this brilliant laptop skin that depicts Radha and Krishna. Not only will this skin add brilliant imagery to your plain laptop but it will also make it easy to spot it from a distance. Gift it to a friend or a sibling and let them transform their laptops into a piece of art.

Unique Pen Stand

Birthday Gifts - Unique Pen Stand
Don’t keep sitting on your desk, take a tricycle and go out and enjoy nature. Ride your bicycle but don’t forget to carry your precious cargo with you. Organize your workspace and keep all your writing implements in one place in this little metal tricycle pen stand that will take you on imaginary rides around the countryside. Gift it to someone who you would wish to see playing just as hard as they work.

Healing Gemstone

Birthday Gifts - Healing Gemstone
Be at one with the nature divine. Let its soothing energy permeate through you to invoke peace and deep spirituality. Gift this Amethyst sphere to someone who believes in the healing power of nature. It is a good gift even for the disbelievers who can use it as a decorative piece to grace their tables. With its beautiful colours and swirling patterns, this stone ball is pure eye candy.