10 Unique Gifts for Your Mom

10 Unique Gifts for Your Mom

Moms are always special, and that is why a gift for a mom must also be equally special. Normally we are on the receiving end when it comes to exchanging gifts with moms, however, if you find some occasion to gift to your mother, make sure you choose something unique and fresh. Show her your love and acknowledgement with this sweet gesture. We have below a list of items you can browse through when choosing for a unique gift for your mom.

Things that will definitely put a smile on your Mom’s face

1. Therapeutic Epsom Salt Soak:

I am sure your mom, like all the moms around the world, believes in savings and value adding expenditures. That is why you can pick this Epsom salt which has tea tree as an essential component. The Epsom Salt Soak is great to pamper the lady of the house who has always been busy tending the needs of the family. Make her feel special and important with this item of self-indulgence.

Epsom Salt - Gift for your mom

2. The Reassurance Mug:

You can gift this “I’ll Be There for You” reassurance mug to your mom. We always know that mothers are the rock figures in our lives, always available whenever we need them. But express the same to your mom with this printed mug and make her a lifetime promise of love and connection. This mug will not just be a piece of ornament; it will convey your sentiments and feelings for your mother.

Perfect gift for mom - Reassurance mug

3. Handmade Wooden Bangle Holder:

If your mother loves wearing bangles, then gift this handmade wooden bangle holder. The design is so intricate and the idea of this unique gift so feminine, that it would definitely bring a smile on her face. The rods are adjustable and the product so lightweight that it is comfortable and handy for daily use.

Bangle Holder

4. Swarovski Platinum Plated Earrings:

Gift this unique blue coloured crystal drop ear rings to your mom. She will surely flaunt them on some special day. The manufacture is very lightweight and fine, and the blue colour goes well with most of the outfits. Make your mom appreciate your choice by presenting her with this beautiful pair of comfortable earrings you can easily purchase from amazon.

Platinum Plated Earrings

5. Wood Pasted Photo Album:

Wood Pasted Photo Album is something rare and a perfect keepsake for memorable pictures. You can further enhance the appeal of this unique gift. Paste a beautiful handwritten letter on the first page for your mom, or stick some pictures of you two together.

Wooden Photo Album

6. Coco from Chanel:

Gift this special perfume form Chanel to your mom. The aristocracy of this unique gift would definitely impress her and nurture her self-admiration. Buy this expensive gift for your mother and inflate her selfdom for once.

Perfume - Gifts for Mom

7. Stella Fossil Watch:

Watches might not be a new thing, but this special limited edition from Fossil is definitely unique and exclusive if you are looking for some gift for your mother. The heavenly gold and rich stainless steel have given a very royal and exquisite look to this watch. Gift this from Amazom and zoom it to your mommy!

Stella Fossil Watch

8. Nike Women’s Shoes:

Perhaps your heart is aching for all the physical labor your mother puts in every day to maintain the house. Gift her this beautiful pair of running shoes from Nike. Even if she is does not excersice regularly, these shoes offer extreme cushioning like no other. Her feet would feel light and better during her activity the entire day. Give her this unique gift special designed for aching toes and knees.

Nike Shoe Gift

9. Pill Holder:

If your mom is on some medication, or if she takes some multivitamins which most women in the 40’s start taking, you can think of this water bottle with a pill organizer. She would never forget her medicine once you gift this cute little aqua colored pill come water holding bottle. This will for sure keep a tab on her health.

Pill Holder Water bottle

10. Portable Reading Glasses:

This is a very thoughtful gift for your mom if she wears glasses. She can carry these anywhere. The case can be even stuck to her mobile cover so that a pair of glasses is always handy and approachable. I am a person who has given so many gifts to my own mom. But this is one her personal favourite, and I feel your mom would like it too!

Portable Reading Glasses

With so many years spent as an expert product reviewer, especially with gifts as a niche, I am sure the above list will add value to your mom’s life forever. You pick one or more, they definitely add value to her collection of personal belongings! Browse our Anniversary Gift section and Smart Kitchen to find more

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