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Top 10 Smart Kitchen Tools

Mastering some recipe and not able to find the right kitchen tool? Or is your skill getting wasted because of all the time looking around for some hack of the right utensil or the stove gadget you need exactly? Scroll through the list below which features some very thoughtfully built kitchen gadgets which will not only add convenience to your cooking, but also add some style to the décor of your pantry!

Most Popular Kitchen Tools

Powerful Portable Chopper

Chopping is the most tedious task when it comes to cooking and usually the first on list. Great cooks always prefer the slicing and the cutting to be precise and consistent. And if you are a professional, there must be loads and loads of quantities to chop. This portable chopper is a perfect tool when it comes to mincing. This has multiple blade attachments for different types of chopping and a borosil bowl for storage so that none of your ingredients react. Simple and easy to use, one of the must haves in any modern kitchen.

Portable Chopper

Kitchen Scrissor Knife

For the next variety of mincing, when the quantity is lesser or you directly plan to chop over the boiler, try this clever cutter knife. This is one tool that is easy to use with many vegetables, and then easy to clean and hang back on its place. This smart cutter would definitely throw back a lot of traditional knives in your kitchen to the back seat.

Smart Coffee Machine

Now, this is one smart gadget for all the coffee lovers out there. Connect this coffee machine to your smartphone via Bluetooth and a smartphone app, and can then work as an automatic coffee vendor for you. Just instruct it from your mobile about the size and flavor variation, and you have your coffee ready! Not only will this device make your life easier, but will also add on to your efficiency as a cook! Wake up every day to know that fresh coffee is waiting for you.

Smart Coffee Machine

Smart Precision Cooker

Sous Vide precision cooking, although a new concept is a fool proof mechanism for preparing professional food at home. Consistent temperatures are circulated throughout the ingredients in this technologized pressure cooker and there is no chance of error at all. Another plus point is, it is smart. Smart in the terms that you access it via your phone. You can instruct it to start cooking when you leave office and return back home to fresh, piping hot food.

Precision Cooker

Automatic Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum sealers are great and a must have for preserving food. One can never cook in the exact quantities, and mostly our generation likes to store food for consumption later on. So this automatic sealer is a wonderful hack, to seal and store the food conveniently in vacuum so that it stays fresh for longer.

Vaccum Sealer

Egg/Pancake Mould

Pancakes are made in almost all kitchens. And even if you are making scrambled eggs, or some flavoured breads, this is a great mould set for your kitchen to mould nearly anything. With five different shapes, you and your kids are going to love this mould!

Egg mould

Automatic Egg Boiler

Eggs and cooking go hand in hand. This automatic egg boiler will cook up to 7 eggs for you at a time. You want to hard boil, steam, half cook – do anything with the eggs, this machine would come very handy. So whatever be the intensity of cooking eggs you need in your recipe, you can do so with this smart and cute looking egg boiler!

Automatic Egg Boiler

Way Beyond Baking Set

Any kitchen is incomplete without a baking set. You can purchase this fancy and durable baking set which is all inclusive with all the items you might need while baking. Add to the glamour of your kitchen with this black set from Way Beyond.

Baking Set

Mutli-Purpose Steamer

Cooking involves various dimensions and steaming usually is a part of many recipes. You can keep this multipurpose stainless steel steamer which has two steaming attachments for versatile utility. The gadget is energy efficient and absolutely safe to use.

Multi-purpose Steamer

Portable Hand Blender:

There can be times when you run out of electricity and your guests are waiting to be served. The solution is this portable whisker at amazon which you can use for beating and blending and is hand controlled without any power supply requirement.

Portable Hand Blender

Smart kitchens and connected kitchens are of course easier and everybody’s dream. However, it is always better to mix and match the traditional and the smart gadgets so that you never run out of cooking options under any circumstances. The above list will definitely help you choose some products and you can find more on the Smart Kitchen Tools page.

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