Unique Gifts for Geeks Or Nerds

Unique Gifts for Geeks Or Nerds

Do you have a friend or siblings who are eccentric, expert or enthusiast and is there a special occasion coming soon for you to explore some rare gift idea for them?! Or is it your nerd brother whom you want to make feel special by showering an exclusive and unique gift?

The occasion may be any. And even you could yourself be a geek who loves to present people with unique and altogether new offerings. Find below a list of stuff that hopefully would be some fantastic unique gifts for geek friends.

Anti-Theft Backpack

This is a multipurpose backpack. You can carry your laptop, valuables and any other prized commodities easily in this bag. The anti-theft bag is ideal for extreme weathers, as the bag is waterproof, and for unknown locations where safety is a prime concern. A USB port is also connected so that you can charge your phone. Buy this versatile use utility easily from the convenience of your home from amazon

Anti-Theft Bagpack

Japan Tomboy Airpress Pen

This is the latest among pens with airpress technology. Offer this as a unique gift to your geek and you will always find this in his/her pocket! In fact, the pen aids writing in unusual situations like on wet surfaces, dusty surfaces, eroded surfaces etc. where normal pens would fail. Shop this at the convenience of your home from.

Airpress Pen

Portable Laptop Desk

This is a portable laptop desk equipped with a USB cooling fan and a cup holder in-built within. You can also keep this on your bed and work comfortably or use it as a full-fledged office desk as it is quite light-weight. You will find a sliding keyboard tray attached to this very stable table. Albeit, gift this to a nerd friend and see how he/she admires your choice!

Portable Laptop Desk

Speaker Pen Stand

This pen stand is a great choice if you are looking for a mid-segment unique gift for some geek or nerd. Users can attach the pen stand to a speaker via aux or Bluetooth and can have comfortable video conferences or simply enjoy music. Also, there is a pen drive slot as well and you can easily put pictures of family and loved ones. One of the bestsellers at Amazon!

Bluetooth Speaker Pen Stand

Automatic Tooth Paste Dispenser

A perfect bathroom accessory which makes a perfect gift for your nerd’s housewarming function. This has a holder that can hold up to five toothbrushes and an automatic dispenser for toothpaste.  Furthermore, the design is aesthetically great and can be wall mounted in a dust-proof manner.

Automatic Tooth Paste Dispenser

Head Flashlight LED

This is a powerful LED light water-resistant headlamp. This is suitable for running, hiking, cycling in tough areas, camping etc. because this is quite lightweight and sturdy at the same time. You have an inbuilt anti-slip headband so that you do not have to worry about the gadget slipping from position time and again.

Head Flashlight

Portable Waterproof Touch Lock

Gift this touch lock which has a fingerprint sensor and is totally keyless. Suitable for gym lockers and office cabinets, you can charge this with the help of USB and has a long battery life. When this gets on low battery, it gives a beep every minute as an alert to the owner to recharge the device.

Fingerprint Pad Lock

However, this is not all! You can visit our unique gifts for geeks for more choices and beautiful artifacts. When it comes to gifting, one must research well and choose a present appropriate to the occasion and need.

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