Flashing String Lights

Christmas Gifts - Flashing String Lights
Bring the stars down to the earth. Play with them as much as you want. Let their starlight illuminate your festivities. Create magic with these star curtain lights. This Christmas bring the magic home and gift it to friends and family. It is the most appropriate gift for Christmas or Diwali.

Decorative Net Lights

Christmas Gifts - Decorative Net Lights
Spread out a curtain of light to illuminate your home and heart. Cast the net to catch the biggest fish in town, invite them over for a wonderful evening. Illuminate the exterior of the house, a feature in your garden or a wall in your room with these LED net lights. Gift them for Diwali, Christmas or other joyous occasions.

Star Curtain LED

Christmas Gifts - Star Curtain LED
Spread the stars out this festive season. Let them fill up your house and room with their bright light. Hang them down so they create a curtain of starry light. These pretty LED star curtain lights are the perfect gift for Christmas or Diwali. They can be used on all special occasions.

Handcrafted Cutlery Set

Christmas Gifts - Handcrafted Cutlery Set
Show off your style and hosting skills the next time you have a party. Serve the dessert with spoons carried in by the swan. This gorgeous set of dessert spoons with its own stand is an ideal gift for anyone. It will be a stylish gift for any host or hostess.

Wood Craft Ornaments

Christmas Gifts - Wood Craft Ornaments
Make your Christmas eco-friendly by doing away with the Christmas tree. Instead, use this cute and eco-friendly snowman. The wooden cut out of a snowman with his bright colours and hooks to suspend decorations will be just as much fun as areal Christmas tree. Gift it to your children, friends or office and school this Christmas season.

Elk Bear Gift Bag

Christmas Gifts - Elk Bear Gift Bag
Go Christmas carolling and demand your bounty of sweets with this cute Santa shaped hand bag. The jaunty Santa is so cute that no one can refuse him a gift of sweets. Gift this Santa candy bag to all the adult and children you know who love carol singing this Christmas.

Tree Home Decoration

Christmas Gifts - Tree Home Decoration
A light tree is exactly what you need to light up your festivities. This gorgeous fantasy tree contains 25 little LED flowers that light up to make the whole room look pretty. This is such a pretty gift for any room, office or home. Gift it for Diwali, Christmas, Eid, or another festive occasion.

Snowman Decoration

Christmas Gifts - Snowman Decoration
No need to go chasing snow to build your own little snowman. This little fellow is waiting for you welcome him into your home. Snow or no snow, it will always be sitting there looking cute and smiling at you. Gift this cute snowman for Christmas or a Birthday. It will be a great Christmas tree decoration.

String Lights

Christmas Gifts - String Lights
Whoever thought of these pretty lights with fairy clips was a genius! They work as lights that light up the space and also as a great way of displaying your prized moments. The photo clip light string is the ideal gift for Christmas or Diwali. Hang up these lights on all festive occasion with photographs that create a story leading up to the grand moment!

Highly Scented Candle

Christmas Gifts - Highly Scented Candle
Light up the room in the golden glow of a candle’s light. As the candle burns, it releases the pleasant and deeply relaxing aroma of lavender to soothe the senses. This set of two aromatherapy candles is ideal for spa, salon, or the bedroom to create the perfect relaxing atmosphere.