Pen Stand with Clock

Diwali Gifts - Unique & Decorative Gift
This Pen Stand with Clock will be a perfect gift for someone who checked into a new office. A unique item that can be placed on a desk which will hold your mobile phone and pens. It is fantastically crafted with classical designing and will make a perfect gifting option.

Krishna White Metal

Diwali Gifts - Krishna White Metal
Create a whole garden along a wall with this beautiful wooden frame planter. It has enough space for ten different sized pots. So, give your gardening desire a free reign and create a gorgeous garden in a small space. It is a useful and exclusive gift for any occasion. It can be placed in small spaces such as corridors and balconies.

King of Kettles

Diwali Gifts - Hand Painted Figurine
Give your old kettle a rest here is the king of all kettles. This one has gone to town painting itself in a rainbow of colours to look pretty. This hand-painted kettle begs for a place of honour in your collection of pretty things. It is a great gift for mother, sister, friends, for a birthday, house warming, farewells, etc.

Modern Designed Tea Kettle

Diwali Gifts - Modern Designed Tea Kettle
Creativity knows no bounds. Take a stone or even a kettle infuse it with creativity and you get a masterpiece. An ordinary kettle has been transformed in the hands of a master artist into a thing of lasting beauty. Gift this stunning hand painted kettle to your mother, sister, friend, wife or anyone else who loves beautiful things.

Rare Melon Fruit Seeds

Diwali Gifts - Rare Melon Fruit Seeds
How about some sweet melon this summer from your own little garden? Do not worry if you live in an apartment, this melon will grow in any pot or hanging basket. Just plant the seeds in your terrace or balcony garden and enjoy the fruits. It is a wonderful gift for an avid grower.

Decore Item

Diwali Gifts - Decore Item
What is Radha without Krishna and where would Krishna be without his beloved Radha, this divine couple is captured in great detail in this stunning idol. Its beauty will captivate the beholder and transport them to another realm. This is a gift of love and devotion for anyone who worships Krishna.

Natural Candle Holder

Diwali Gifts - Natural Candle Holder
Burn a candle but light it safely. Make sure that it does not drip down on the floor or the furniture. Stick them into these pretty natural candle stands to be sure they are safe. Made with natural wood this set of three candle stands in a practical and useful gift for any home or office.

Handicraft Gifts

Diwali Gifts - Handicraft Gifts
The divine lovers are always welcome in any home. This lovely idol of Radha and Krishna evokes the beauty of selfless love. With its delicate etching and careful crafting this would be an ideal gift to grace any pooja room or home. Gift it for a religious ceremony, for Grih Pravesh, House Warming, etc.

Candle Stand

Diwali Gifts - Candle Stand
Tiny butterflies flitting with happy abandon and a tiny cage with little hearts come together beautifully in this pretty tealight holder. It can be lighted and placed safely on any flat surface. It is a practical décor item that will make the best Diwali or Christmas gift.

Playing Bansuri Ganesh

Diwali Gifts - Playing Bansuri Ganesh
Ganesh idols have a universal appeal. Everyone loves to have one and there are some people who collect them. If you are looking for a gift for someone who collects Ganesh idols, then this unusual flute playing Ganesh will definitely be a most welcome gift for Diwali, anniversary, birthday, or Grih Pravesh.