4 in 1 Memory Card Reader

Electronic & Tech - 4 in 1 Memory Card Reader
Here is the mother of all SD card readers, literally, it can be used with any device as it has four different ports for Lightening, USB-A, USB-C and Micro USB adapters. Transferring files, photos and information from one device to the other. Gift this useful device to anyone who needs to transfer information from one device to another. It is a great gift for office or home.

Alarm Padlock Electronic Lock

Electronic & Tech - Alarm Padlock Electronic Lock
This lock is a screamer. Yes, it is! Any time some unauthorized person tries to open it move it or break it – it will activate a siren and alert people around that it is being mishandled. This mart lock is a hard one to break and a must-have gift for everyone who needs an outdoors lock that is waterproof and theft proof!

LED Motion Sensor Light

Electronic & Tech - LED Motion Sensor Light
Remove those halogen lights you have outside. Here is the most pocket-friendly way to illuminate your garden or outdoor areas. These solar charged LED lights have motion sensors and four different modes for different needs. Gift these to any homeowner, your parents to save on electricity bills and make the outdoors safe at night.

Digital Music Player

Electronic & Tech - Digital Music Player
Get rid of all that old style bulky and heavy outdoors furniture and welcome a contemporary new set of table and chairs in your home. This smart set is comfortable, looks great and can be used indoors or outdoors. It is a wonderful gift for a restaurant, garden or patio party, for Diwali, Christmas, or any other occasion.

Emergency Car Jump Starter

Electronic & Tech - Emergency Car Jump Starter
How about bringing the highlight to your brand with a gift that is practical, useful and looks really good? This pen stand is the perfect desk organizer which is the most welcome gift for any office, home or work space. Add your unique branding to it and it is ready to be gifted. Gift it as a souvenir, corporate gift, Diwali, Eid, Christmas or New Year gift.

Mini Portable Speaker

Electronic & Tech - Mini Portable Speaker
Give your earphones a rest. Here is something that is much better for your ears. This little portable speaker allows everyone in the group to hear the music with you. The wired speaker is portable and very convenient to use. Gift this wired 360-degree speaker to anyone who loves to listen to music on their mobile phone.

12X Zoom Telescope Lens

Electronic & Tech - 12X Zoom  Telescope Lens
Ever wished you could photograph that beautiful bird on the tree with a close-up but cannot because you don’t have a camera with you and your mobile zoom is not good. This zoom lens will take care of all your distant photography. Gift this compact zoom lens for mobile to anyone who uses a mobile for photographs.

Screen Magnifier

Electronic & Tech - Screen Magnifier
Now watch your favourite videos from your mobile on a larger screen. This folding screen magnifier will magnify your mobile screen 3 times enhancing your viewing experience so you never miss out the tiny details in any video. Gift this useful magnifier to anyone who loves to watch videos on their mobile phones.

Mini Tripod

Electronic & Tech - Mini Tripod
All you YouTubers and video buffs, here is the best little tripod you can wish for. It is small, lightweight easy to use and can hold a camera up to 1 kg in weight good enough for most of your camera shooting needs. Gift this useful tripod to your team, or anyone else who is into video and photo shooting and needs a decent tripod.

Charging Cable Protector

Electronic & Tech - Charging Cable Protector
Tired of spending oodles of money every few weeks on replacing your smartphone charging cable? Use cable protector to prevent bending and fraying of the cable from near the head. This little device will lengthen the life of any charging cable. Gift it to everyone you know and save them a lot of money.