Retro Style Handset for Mobile

Funny Gifts - Retro Style Handset for Mobile
Take handsfree to another level. Go retro with this old-style telephone receiver that can plug into any mobile phone. With its built-in HD speaker and microphone, this is the best way to take your calls. It is a fun gift for anyone and best for birthdays, anniversaries and as a fun gift for friends.

3D Frog Eye Mask

Funny Gifts - 3D Frog Eye Mask
Give everyone the sad frog eyes and scare the living daylights out of them as you sleep peacefully. The soft and cozy sleeping mask will ensure you have a good night’s rest even in the brightest of places. Gift this fun gift to anyone who is goofy and funny. It is ideal as a going away gift, farewell gift or bon voyage gift.

Wooden Animal Stool

Funny Gifts - Wooden Animal Stool
Sitting on a horse, pony or even an elephant is possible, but sitting on a hippo, that seems impossible, but not anymore. Here is an easy way to give a hippo ride to your kids. This hippo stool is ideal for a make-believe hippo ride. Gift this cute wooden hippo stool for your children’s room. It is a cute gift for kids.

Unisex Animal Onesie

Funny Gifts - Unisex Animal Onesie
Turn yourself into a unicorn in this comfortable onesie. Imagine flying to distant lands, dream about conquering all with your magical powers. This soft hooded one-piece night suit is the best gift a girl could ask for. Gift it to any young woman you know who is still a girl at heart, she will love it.

Unicorn Onesie Dress

Funny Gifts - Unicorn Onesie Dress
It is a dream come true, every night you can turn into a magical creature. A beautiful unicorn. Take flight on your wings and visit the magic land. Meet with the fairies and the gnomes and return back to yourself in the morning. This unicorn onesie will help you live out your fantasies. Gift it to your friends, sister, mother or any other woman who believes in magic.

Beard Hat

Funny Gifts - Beard Hat
Turn your self into a barbarian roadie in an instant. Swagger into that costume party and stun everyone with your attitude. The full beard with its plaited center is sure to strike fear in the hearts of the rival gangs. The knitted cap with the attached beard is a fun gift for a costume party, cosplay or just for fun amongst friends.

Skull Ice Cube

Funny Gifts - Skull Ice Cube
Bring a touch of macabre to your next party. Call in the Dracula, the Goths and the zombies. Have a scare fest complete with the bats, snakes and spiders. Serve the drinks cold with what else but frozen human skulls. This fun skull-shaped ice tray is ideal for macabre themed parties, Halloween, etc.

Baap Ko Mat Sikha

Funny Gifts - Baap Ko Mat Sikha
Here is some passive advice for your kids, or an acknowledgement to your father that he does know better. The Baap Ko Mat Sikha t-shirt is a fun apparel and suitable for all weather. Gift this t-shirt to your kids or your dad as a fun gift for birthday, Father’s Day or anniversary.

Bob Marley T-Shirt

Funny Gifts - Bob Marley T-Shirt
All you reggae fans, pay your tribute to the king of reggae music the one and only Bob Marley with this soft and comfortable cotton t-shirt. Let everyone know how much you love his music and philosophy. Gift this t-shirt for a birthday or any occasion to another Marley fan.

Funny T-Shirt – Human Being

Funny Gifts - Funny T-Shirt - Human Being
Paste the handling instructions and a description of the goods inside right on your chest with this geeky t-shirt. This perfect piece of geek humour is fit for only a geek torso. Gift this fun t-shirt to all the geek and nerd friends you have. It is an ideal gift for a birthday, welcome, sorry, or thank you.