Lazy Spectacle

Gifts for Geeks - Lazy Spectacle
This amazing and creative bed prism spectacle will bring down the stress on your eyes while you read something when you are on lying on the bed. You can watch videos or read a book without lifting your head. A perfect gift for your brother or sister who always wants to end their day by reading the novels and comics.

Laptop Cooling Pad

Gifts for Geeks - Laptop Cooling Pad
Keep your laptop cool and prevent it from overheating with this powerful laptop cool pads. Equipped with two fans the USB powered cooling pad ensures that the laptop never overheats even on the hottest of days. Gift this to your friends, family, parents, or colleagues to ensure peak performance.

Ultra Dual Drive

Gifts for Geeks - Ultra Dual Drive
Never again lose your important files, photos or data if your phone or tablet gets lost or damaged. This little retractable OTG pen drive will help to save the day for you. Just connect it to any OTG enabled device and you can transfer data and file instantly. Comes with both Micro USB and USB 3.0 connectors and makes a thoughtful gift for everyone.

Mr Right Mrs Always Right

Gifts for Geeks - Mr Right Mrs Always Right
The sexy curves and tall demeanour may be enough for some to grab these beer glasses, others may want it for their saucy engraved quotes. This set of glass is a naughty and fun gift for couples. The set contains two pilsner beer glasses and is a perfect gift for weddings or anniversaries.

Infectious Disease Balls

Gifts for Geeks - Infectious Disease Balls
Stress balls are a fantastic way to destress, but they also have therapeutic use. These balls help to exercise and improve the wrist and finger muscles, strengthens them and helps to improve the grip. Give this as a gift to someone who is suffering from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or someone who needs to destress!

Foldable Solar Charger

Gifts for Geeks - Foldable Solar Charger
For those who love to camp out in the wilderness, go on fishing trips away from the civilisation and its comfort but still want to stay connected, this folding solar charger is perfect to keep all the gadgets and light charged. Makes a perfect gift for camping and trekking enthusiasts.

Wireless Cap with Speakers

Gifts for Geeks - Wireless Cap with Speakers
The ultimate surprise gift is here. Gift this beanie this cold season and wait until they realize it is not just any beanie. It is a beanie with a built-in blue tooth headphone. simply pull this soft, warm and cosy cap over your ears and enjoy music on the go!

Touchscreen for Laptops

Gifts for Geeks - Touchscreen for Laptops
Convert the ordinary screen of your 13.3” Windows 10 laptop into a touch screen instantly with this innovative touch screen enabler. Just attach it to the bottom of the screen and plug it into the USB and Voila! Your laptop screen is transformed! Best gift for a laptop geek, young person or anyone who wants a touchscreen laptop!

Stemless Wine Glass

Gifts for Geeks - Stemless Wine Glass
This is a wine glass that will make your chemistry nerd friends think about the chemical composition of wine. The stemless wine glass is an ideal gift for those chemical engineer geeks. The 21 oz glass comes packed in its own gift box and is certified chemist approved if that makes any difference!

Activity Tracker Band

Gifts for Geeks - Activity Tracker Band
Stay fit and track your fitness activity with this smart fitness tracker. The fitness wrist band can track your physical activities, sleep activity and quality while keeping you updated with notifications for emails, calls, messages etc. This is a must-have a gift for anyone who wishes to live a full yet healthy life.