Complete Baby Kit

Gifts for Kids - Complete Baby Kit
A complete baby care kit contains most of the essentials that you need to keep your baby well. A perfect gift for new parents and newborn babies. This high quality safe, perfect and compact kit will be the most useful tools.

Infinity Cube Puzzle

Gifts for Kids - Infinity Cube Puzzle
Have endless hours of fun and de-stress yourself with this unique destressing infinity cube puzzle. Create different cuboids and shapes and watch your stress and frustration disappear as you play along. This is the ideal gift for people with ADHD, Autism Spectrum, stress and anxiety issues. It is a suitable gift for both children as well as adults

Robot Kit with Music

Gifts for Kids - Robot Kit with Music
Build your own robot, you DIY enthusiasts. Live out your fantasies of building a robot that works with this DIY robot kit. Assemble this little robot on your own or with others. The musical robot is an ideal gift for a family activity where kids and adults can both enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Decoder Secret Ring

Gifts for Kids - Decoder Secret Ring
Be the spy you always wanted to be. Send secret messages to friends and partners. Messages that only you or the receiver can decode because you have this secret message decoder ring. Gift this message to people with whom you wish to exchange a secret message and carry on your secret communication. What a fun gift this is for everyone!

Huge Bird Kite

Gifts for Kids - Huge Bird Kite
Create a lifetime of cherished memories, of time spent with family and friends, flying this huge gigantic bird-shaped kite. Its bright colours streaking through the sky and soaring up into the sun. This kite is ready to fly and designed to lift off with the lightest of winds. Gift it your family, friends or children and enjoy kite flying on your next outing.

Infinity Well Optical Illusion

Gifts for Kids - Infinity Well Optical Illusion
This gift is for science enthusiasts or those looking for a science project for their school. The endless well may not be the one into which the frogs can leap, but it sure creates an interesting illusion of one. So, get out your tool kits all you DIY enthusiasts and begin digging your endless well illusion.

Led Night Light Projector

Gifts for Kids - Led Night Light Projector
Be mesmerized with the endless beauty of our universe and deep space. This gorgeous night lamp projects images of the cosmos in full colour on the walls and ceiling at the flick of a switch. The rotating LED lamp serves as a night lamp too. It is a comforting gift for a child’s room or for elderly people.

T-Rex Skeleton

Gifts for Kids - T-Rex Skeleton
Fly with the Raptors and walk alongside the T-Rex. Transport back in time to the paleo world and bring home a tiny replica of a T-Rex skeleton. The miniature is exact to the scale replica of the original skeleton and a very useful gift for any library, school, museum or laboratory.

Paper Microscope

Gifts for Kids - Paper Microscope
Reveal what is hidden from plain sight even though you can see it with this handy foldable microscope. This DIY kit lets you build your own little microscope which reveals a world of tiny creatures and objects. See the pollen on the flower or the hair on a bee’s legs. Gift it to a child to satisfy their unending curiosity about the world they live in.

Clear Bouncing Putty

Gifts for Kids - Clear Bouncing Putty
When the stress gets the better of you, fish out this clear putty and vent out your feelings on it. The soft squishy putty is the perfect substitute for that thing that is annoying you so much. This putty is also great for people with dexterity issues. It helps to strengthen the wrist and fingers and improves grip. This is an ideal gift for children, adults and elderly people.