Tie Clip Set

Gifts for Men - Tie Clip Set
Any man who likes to be well turned out will love this gift set which contains all that a man would want to look dapper. The set contains a polka dot necktie, matching pocket square, lapel pin, socks along with cuff links and a tie clip. The set comes packed in a convenient ready to gift box.

Leather Document Case

Gifts for Men - Leather Document Case
Stylish and useful, this zippered folder is just the thing executives need to carry those files and papers around. Made with faux leather the conference folder has ample spaces for papers and files, contains a ring binder, writing pad, pen, pencils and even a solar operated calculator. When picking a gift for an executive or a businessman this folder should be your top choice.

Windproof Spray Torch

Gifts for Men - Windproof Spray Torch
For an outdoors person or a smoker, this little windproof butane gas lighter will make the ideal gift. The lighter comes attached to a key chain and can also be used as a spray torch. The best thing is, it can be refilled so this much-appreciated gift can be used for a long time

Programmer T-Shirt

Gifts for Men - Programmer T-Shirt
This one is for the software engineers and coders. All geeks and nerd are going to love this gift. The classic t-shirt has an IP address printed on it with the words “there is no place like” above it. All geeks will know exactly what the IP address stands for making this a coveted t-shirt.

Glow in The Dark

Gifts for Men - Glow in The Dark
For your geek friends what better gift than a glow in the dark Thanos T-shirt. The classic half sleeved cotton t-shirt is made of premium cotton knit cloth that is soft and comfortable. It has menacing Thanos artwork printed on it in fluorescent ink which makes it glow eerily in the dark. It is the perfect gift to spook people in the dark!

Pill Organizing Storage Bottle

Gifts for Men - Pill Organizing Storage Bottle
Medicines could not have been organized any better than with this water bottle with built-in pill storage and organizing box. The 2 in 1 product is perfect for people who need to take their pills on time. What a gift it will make for anyone who has a chronic condition and needs to take medicines every day. Gift it to your parents, friends or older relatives.

Vintage Smoking Pipes

Gifts for Men - Vintage Smoking Pipes
For a pipe smoker, this handmade wooden pipe will be a gift they would cherish. Made from the best quality hardwood, each of these beauties is lovingly hand-carved and fashioned to perfection. Equipped with a metal filter to retain the flavour of the tobacco this is an ideal gift for men.

Analog Silver Dial Watch

Gifts for Men - Analog Silver Dial Watch
This set is for a gentleman. It comes complete with a premium leather belt, a wallet and a classy silver analog wrist watch. The watch has a leather strap that matches the belt and the wallet. The silver buckle on the belt coordinates well with the square watch. The set comes packed in a gift box. It is an ideal gift for a wedding, anniversary or a retirement party.

Wallet and Belt

Gifts for Men - Wallet and Belt
Distinguished men need gifts that are distinct and classy. Handcrafted by masters of leatherwork, this set of leather wallet paired with a leather belt will make an apt gift for a successful man. The classy gift comes packed in its own gift box and make a very welcome corporate gift too.

Avengers Infinity Wars

Gifts for Men - Avengers Infinity Wars
For a computer nerd, there is no better way to engage than with an Oh Snap!! Message. Printed on a black background in bright colours, this is a perfect message to get up and relax. The short sleeved round neck classic t-shirt is made of soft knit cotton. This is an ideal gift for a man who loves their t-shirts and their computer.