Eyebrow Stencil Shaper Tool

Gifts for Women - Eyebrow Stencil Shaper Tool
Get your eyebrows right every day, no more crooked, uneven or unequal eyebrows any more. The Eyebrow stencils are here, and this set will give you 4 different eyebrow shapes from which you can choose. This is an ideal gift for a woman or a girl who likes to experiment with her looks.

Portable Storage Box

Gifts for Women - Portable Storage Box
Travelling for a holiday or a wedding you can carry as much jewellery as you want without worrying about damaging it. The elegant and compact jewellery case makes it easy to keep your jewellery safe and organized. Made with PU leather it is a useful gift for a bride, a college student or any woman.

Open Face Helmet

Gifts for Women - Open Face Helmet
Stay safe when riding on a two-wheeler and avoid stiff fines too. Carry this lightweight helmet with you wherever you ride. The helmet has been specially designed for women keeping in mind their head size, shape and hairstyle needs. Gift this especially for women helmet to the ladies in your house so they stay safe and look pretty while they ride their two-wheelers.

Pregancy Pillow

Gifts for Women - Pregancy Pillow
A Gift of comfortable sleep for mamas to be. The cosy C shaped pillow is designed to support the heavy belly and make sleeping more comfortable for pregnant women. Made of hypoallergenic fibres with a cotton zippered cover, this will be a very thoughtful gift for pregnant women.

Notebook Portable Water Bottle

Gifts for Women - Notebook Portable Water Bottle
Drinking on the go has just become easier with this ultra slim notebook style water bottle. The bottle has a stylish handle which can be used to secure it to a backpack or a belt. It is an ideal gift for people who love to be active, for fitness freak, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

3D Face-lift Roller Massager

Gifts for Women - 3D Face-lift Roller Massager
Stop worrying about those fine lines and wrinkles on your face, the facelift roller is here to massage your face, improve blood circulation and help to reduce fine lines and improve the appearance of your skin. Made with ABS plastic the durable roller has a smooth action and provides the right pressure for a great facial massage. This is a gift for older women.

Backpack Handbag

Gifts for Women - Backpack Handbag
Butterflies and pretty women always go together making this a great gift for a girlfriend, lover, friend, sister or even your mother. The small backpack is small enough not to be too bulky yet large enough to hold all that you will need to see the day through. So, go ahead gift it to all the women in your life and make their lives convenient and fun.

Women’s Clutch

Gifts for Women - Women's Clutch
Emblazoned with roses and studded with diamante this is the perfect clutch for a party. It is fun and has just the right amount of bling to make a starry evening interesting. The small clutch bag has enough space to slip in essential makeup for retouching, your mobile phone and a little money for an emergency.

Nail Stamping Kit

Gifts for Women - Nail Stamping Kit
Why spend money on a nail artist when you can do it better yourself. This set of five nail stencils and three nail polish will let you define your own design and style. For a girl or a woman who loves stylish nail designs, this is a perfect gift set.

Metal Bracelet

Gifts for Women - Metal Bracelet
Bring a little bit of sunshine and colour in your life with this rainbow-hued bracelet. Made with hypoallergenic metal and multicoloured crystals it is a thoughtful gift for a woman or a girl whom you want to thank for being there and adding colour to your life.