Alladin Chirag Lamp

Home & Office - Alladin Chirag Lamp
The world famous Aladdin Lamp adds quality craftsmanship, exquisite decor options, and old fashioned practicality to your home or a perfect and rare gift for someone special. A best decorative item and a perfect gift for your friends or someone who collects the vintage items.

Kids Foot Measure Gauge

Home & Office - Kids Foot Measure Gauge
This small utility tool will help in choosing suitable shoes for your kids. This can be a perfect and rare gift item for new parents or kids. This will be a must-have item in every home and you will never go wrong in buying the right size footwear. Gift this to your kids, brother or sisters

Unique & Clever Doormat

Home & Office - Unique & Clever Doormat
This doormat is specially designed for the forgetful ones in your friends and family circle. The checklist doormat will remind you to keep your phone, keys, and wallet with you. It will also keep your home clean. This is a fun gift for any occasion. Gift it for an anniversary, house warming, birthdays, Diwali, Christmas, etc.

Magnetic Soap Holder

Home & Office - Magnetic Soap Holder
Here is a new way to store your soap and save it from getting squishy and slimy – why not hang it down so all the water drips off leaving your soap nice and dry. Here is how you can do it – with this magnetic soap dish. This is a unique gift for any home. Gift it to your parents, friends, family, etc.

Decorative Terracotta Vase

Home & Office - Decorative Terracotta Vase
Let a burst of colour and beauty feast your eye every time you enter the room. This set of three lovely hand painted traditional terracotta vases make sure to spread their colourful cheer. Use them for flowers or just keep them as they are. They are excellent gifts for offices, homes, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Bamboo Floor Lamp

Home & Office - Bamboo Floor Lamp
Light up this bamboo woven lamp to watch the light filter through its weaves and paint the wall with unique light and shade patterns. This gorgeous floor lamp is a wonderful gift for any home or office. It is a lovely gift for Diwali, Dussehra, Christmas, Wedding, Anniversary or any other festive occasion.

Bonsai Plant

Home & Office - Bonsai Plant
Growing in a small pot, this pretty tree looks happy with its twisty limbs and thick foliage and will bring its happy vibes into any space where it is placed. This lovely Chinese elm bonsai needs very little care and is ideal for the forgetful gardener. Gift this lovely plant for any occasion. It is an ideal way to say thank you or to welcome someone.

Exquisite Hanging Tea Light

Home & Office - Exquisite Hanging  Tea Light
These pretty little hanging lights will make themselves at home in any place. The conch shaped light is hand painted in bright colours and add a pretty touch. Put a tea light inside and the become lovely lanterns that cast beautiful patterns on the wall. This hanging tea light is a beautiful gift for any home.

Musketeers Monkey Set

Home & Office - Musketeers Monkey Set
These are not just crates stacked one on top of the other, this is a unique and unusual lamp to light up your home or office. This unique wooden lamp with its bright and cheerful colours adds fun to any space. When it is lighted it transform the space with its golden glow. This is a gift that will be welcome for any occasion and for anyone.

Zig Zag Foldable Lamp

Home & Office - Zig Zag Foldable Lamp
Create a collage of your most beautiful memories and turn them into an instrument to light up not just your life but also your room. This lovely tower lamp is a lovely way to remember your best moments. It is the best personalized gift you can give to your family or friends. Gift it for a birthday, anniversary or any other occasion.