Digital Spoon

Smart Kitchen - Digital Spoon
Do you love precision and accuracy and want to season the food by adding accurate measures of contents, then this is a must have kitchen tool for you? This high precision digital spoon can measure the seasoning weights, such as salt, sugar, baking powder, starch etc, which will keep your food tasty and. This will be a perfect gift for your mom or someone who loves cooking and smart kitchen tools.

Grocery Bag Holder

Smart Kitchen - Grocery Bag Holder
Do you often have to go shopping and end up buying a lot of things in a bag? I know it will leave your hands tired, especially thin plastic bag handle will handle untidy looking very painful. Here is the portable hand-held hanging ring would not have such troubles. This product is a new and practical tool for the family daily, shopping can bag and linked to ease the load on the hand. A perfect gift for someone who shops a lot

Pyramid Shape Glass Teapot

Smart Kitchen - Pyramid Shape Glass Teapot
Serve your tea in a clear borosilicate tea kettle. This swanky tea kettle comes with its own infuser so you can leave those tiresome tea strainers in the kitchen. The steel and glass kettle is a classy gift for any occasion. It is a gift for house warming, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Diwali or even Christmas.

Automatic Pan Stir Mixer

Smart Kitchen - Automatic Pan Stir Mixer
Simplify your cooking with a gadget that will let your stir your sauces, kheer and rabri while you take a much-deserved rest. This battery-operated pot stirrer is a gadget that you will love to use all the time in your kitchen. Gift this little wonder to any enthusiastic cook you know.

Electric Foam Maker

Smart Kitchen - Electric Foam Maker
Prepare your own cappuccino or froth up the milk for any other drink in a jiffy with this battery-operated hand-held milk forther. It is so convenient you will love it. Fussy kids will also love their frothy milk. It is a must have in any kitchen. It is a handy gift for Diwali, Christmas, Birthday, House warming, Grih Pravesh, etc.

Twin Vegetable Chopper

Smart Kitchen - Twin Vegetable Chopper
Spend less time labouring over your cooking and more time enjoying it with family and friends. This easy hand operated chopper takes chopping and whipping to another level with its double bowl chopping. So, chop and whip both together. Gift this excellent kitchen gadget to your mother, wife, sister or any enthusiastic cook.

Multi-Opener for Bottle

Smart Kitchen - Multi-Opener for Bottle
Give freedom of doing things on their own to kids and elderly of people with dexterity issues. This easy 5 in 1 opener makes everyone’s life easier. It makes opening bottles jars and cans easy for anyone. Gift this handy kitchen gadget to all elderly people in your home or people who hate opening bottles and jars.

High Suction Vacuum Cleaner

Smart Kitchen - High Suction Vacuum Cleaner
Say bye-bye to the forever absconding Bai. Here is the perfect substitute to that forever complaining and absent housemaid. This little robotic vacuum cleaner will take care of all your floor cleaning needs. Gift this useful time-saver device to your parents, grandparents, spouse, partner for any special occasion.

Handi Shape Bowl

Smart Kitchen - Handi Shape Bowl
Cutting into something tough and the knife bends or the fork twists and the spoon becomes deshaped. Throw out that cheap mismatched cutlery and bring home this set of 24 matching spoons, forks and knives. Make the dining experience a pleasure and gift this cutlery set to anyone for any occasion.

Copper Gift Set

Smart Kitchen - Copper Gift Set
Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of drinking water from a copper vessel. Embrace the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with this set of copper bottle and glass. Its stylish looks and shape will have you drooling over it. It comes in its own gift box ready to be wrapped and given as a gift for any occasion.