Unique Wine Glass

Wedding Gifts - Unique Wine Glass
Next time someone tells you about the disadvantages of drinking or mentions liver damage, gift them this wine glass which tells them to shut up as the liver is fine. The stemless wine glass is a fun gift and a must have for any wine enthusiast. It is a cute gift for a birthday or an anniversary.

Decorative Bedding Set

Wedding Gifts - Decorative Bedding Set
Pretend to be Luke Skywalker carry your light sabre and roam around the galaxies. Never be ashamed to admit that you are a geek. Celebrate your uniqueness and let the world know that you are a Geek and will celebrate the Geek Pride Day on the 25th of May. Gift this space print duvet cover to a geek and let them know how unique and gifted they are.

Engraved Crystal Cube

Wedding Gifts - Engraved Crystal Cube
Whether it is a corporate gift or one for the birthday, nothing says it better than a customized gift. When it is combined with a night light or a lamp it becomes even more useful. Get an image and message of your choice engraved on this crystal rotating lamp. The LED lamp is excellent for corporate gifts as well as personal gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc.

Astronomy 2 Tone Mug

Wedding Gifts - Astronomy 2 Tone Mug
The starry mug is a most appropriate gift for any budding scientist, astronomer or even an astronaut. This coffee mug depicts an image of the outer space as it appears from beyond the earth. The beautiful colours of the space along with the stars and nebulas are beautifully captured in this digital print.

Vintage Motorcycle

Wedding Gifts - Vintage Motorcycle
Ride away in this classic bike into the sunset or wherever it is that you wish to go. Gift it to a biker friend and watch their faces glow at the accuracy of this miniature motorcycle. This tiny version of a classic motorcycle captures the smallest detail faithfully. It earns its place on your curio shelf with its beauty and will make an ultimate gift for a collector of miniature vehicles.

Aqua Sea Glass

Wedding Gifts - Aqua Sea Glass
Blues, aquamarines and whites in this gorgeous creation blend in a beautiful harmony which exudes through the photograph to spread through the space which it graces. This photograph of a heart created with sea glass is flawless in its execution and makes a beautiful and serene gift for any occasion.

Dhokra Figurine Lamp

Wedding Gifts - Dhokra Figurine Lamp
Bring in a touch of ethnic beauty into your space with a modern twist to a traditional handicraft. This handcrafted wooden lamp makes an ideal style statement for any fusion home and it a tribute to the exquisite handicraft tradition of India. Give this table lamp as a gift for a home, shop, spa, salon, or an office and see the space light up with its bright colours.

Stone Resin Figurine

Wedding Gifts - Stone Resin Figurine
If Lilo can build an extended bond with stitch a genetically modified creature, so can you with others in your neighbourhood. This cute figurine captures the relationship and the indelible bond between Lilo and Stitch very beautifully. Spread the feeling of Ohana – Hawaii for extended familial bond and gift it to someone you would like to bond with.

Mermaid Tail Blanket

Wedding Gifts - Mermaid Tail Blanket
Become a mermaid when the weather turns cold. Cast your magic on the family and make everyone jealous in this quirky mermaid blanket that will turn you into a mermaid and keep you warm at the same time. Gift this unique and soft blanket to a friend, daughter, sister, mother and wife and let them feel oh, so special.

Complete Skin Care

Wedding Gifts - Complete Skin Care
Welcome somebody and bath luxury to your washroom. Infuse your skin and your bath with the delicate fragrance of cherry. Soak your tired muscles in a warm bath and pamper it with these exotic bath and shower essentials. Packed in a lovely basket this set is the perfect perk me up a working woman needs after a long hard week. Gift it to your girlfriend, wife, mother or sister.